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Children & Teenagers

Children & Teenagers

As with adults, hypnotherapy can help children in a number of ways.

Conditions I commonly treat include:


Confidence & Self Esteem

Fears & Phobias


Coping with Change


Behaviour Problems

Eating Disorders

Panic Attacks


Exam Nerves

Sleep Problems

Hypnotherapy is particularly suitable for children and teenagers because:

  • It reduces the need for them to talk about their problem – helpful when you find it hard to put things into words.


  • They find change easier to make.  This is because their ideas and behaviours are still developing.


  • Hypnotherapy can help with common childhood conditions like selective eating, behaviour problems and bullying.
  • Younger children often have problems at bedtime.  They may be afraid of the dark or have other difficulties like hearing noises as they are going off to sleep or not wanting to be alone.  Hypnotherapy can help them overcome their fears.


  • Hypnotherapy can also help children who have the same issues as adults. Things like a lack of confidence, fears or phobias.

Hypnotherapy and what it means for your child

My main focus when treating children and young people is on building their confidence and self-esteem.  I help them recognise areas in their lives where they are already confident.  I then show them how they can use this confidence in the area of their life that is causing them problems.

I keep the sessions light and fun.  Solution focused therapy doesn’t focus on the problem or get caught up in the drama of what’s been going on.  Instead, I encourage children to concentrate on what they’re good at and what they enjoy.  This helps them steer their mind away from the problem and towards the solution.

Hypnotherapy is ideal if your child is having problems somewhere in their life.

Take the first step to helping them today.