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Insomnia & Sleep Disturbance

Insomnia & Sleep Disturbance

Beat your sleep problem with hypnotherapy.

Sleep disturbance can be brought on for a number of reasons. It can be caused by illness, anxiety, depression, and many other causes that are not so serious. You may wake in the early hours and not be able to get back to sleep or it could be you can’t get to sleep in the first place or perhaps you have a disrupted sleep pattern.

Whatever the problem, it causes issues during the day such as tiredness, lack of concentration and it can even cause health problems.

Insomnia and sleep problems tend to start in isolation but can soon develop into bad habits. If you think you won’t be able to sleep, it’s almost certain that you won’t. Solution focused hypnotherapy can help you develop new expectations and make problems with sleep a thing of the past.

If you try not to think of a blue elephant you’ll probably think of one. If you try to get an irritating song out of your head you’ll probably struggle. And if you have to try to fall asleep, you’re probably already suffering from insomnia.

How can hypnotherapy help you sleep?

Hypnotherapy generally involves hypnosis combined with relaxation – one of the key elements in being able to fall asleep easily.

You’ll learn how to relax physically: something that with practice is very quick and simple. You’ll also learn how to relax mentally. This can be frustratingly difficult if you’re in ‘blue elephant’ mode, but learning self-hypnosis will soon make it very easy indeed. You’ll learn to be a falling asleep expert.

Many people come to see a hypnotherapist for something they believe to be completely unrelated and are amazed that their sleep improves as a consequence of dealing with the other thing. This is one of the most empowering effects of hypnotherapy – you learn to change one thing and so many other things fall into place.

Hypnotherapy helps you take control and re-educate your mind into relaxing easily into sleep. Hypnotherapy can also help you to learn how to just slow things down. Modern life is notoriously rushed, when you’re ready to fall asleep a racing mind doesn’t help.

Depending on each individual, change can be immediate or may take a little longer, it all depends on what issues you have in your surrounding life. Sleeping difficulties can be bought on by stress so there may need to be changes made in a life situation to alleviate stress and in turn overcome the sleep problem.