How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

A safe, gentle and effective therapy that can help with a wide range of conditions.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, hypnotherapy can help you:

Is there something in your life that you want to change?

Do you have a fear or phobia that you’re desperate to overcome?

Would you like to be free from overwhelming anxiety and stress?

Do you wish you could be free from addiction and damaging behaviour?

Do you want to move on from something that’s holding you back?

Would you like to have more control over your life and gain confidence?

I have successfully treated adults and children with a wide variety of conditions with sessions carefully tailored to the needs and personality of each individual. The challenges faced are unique to the individual and deserve a unique solution.

The majority of conditions I treat are caused or worsened by anxiety or stress which manifests itself in a variety of ways, both emotional and psychological, and even physical.

I draw on past experience from my previous jobs in mental health nursing where I worked in units dealing with drug & alcohol rehabilitation, eating disorders and acute mental illness.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, gentle and effective therapy that can help with a wide range of conditions. Being hypnotised is a natural, pleasant and relaxing experience with no harmful side effects.

Yet, it’s a powerful tool for change.

Hypnotherapy can work for anyone, as long as they want to change. Because it’s such a gentle therapy it’s particularly suitable for children and teenagers.


Do not listen to the audio downloads whilst driving or operating machinery.